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Protect your website, the digital front door of your business.

Every day, an average of 30,000 new websites are hacked. You probably aren’t thinking about your website every day, but you should be. Think of it as the digital front door to your business, the first impression for potential clients and customers interested in your services. If you’re looking to grow, your website security is not something you can afford to fumble.

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Secure WordPress Hosting

Website hosting that covers all of the basics and more. Daily backups with top-notch security, regular updates and proprietary caching ensure your site is ready for anything.

IT Security Domain Technology Partners

DNS Hosting

Managed DNS hosting that locks down your account and makes sure it never expires so you don’t have to worry about your domain getting stolen or shut down.

IT Security Domain Technology Partners

WordPress Maintenance & Support

Reliable WordPress maintenance and support to keep your website updated, troubleshoot any issues and make sure everything is working as it should.

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Domain Website Security Layers

Development and Staging Environments

Two additional environments to develop, test and then easily push to production

Automated Backups

Daily backups of all environments to easily restore your site if there are any issues

Wordpress Core Updates

All major WordPress updates are pushed to ensure sites stay up to date and secure. Minor updates are tested before recommending them

Content Display Network (CDN)

Content Display Network is included and easily enabled to improve speed

SSL Certificates

SSL certificates are included and update automatically so they never expire

SSH Gateway/SFTP access

Controlled developer access to the back end of your website

Wordpress Plugin Updates and Support

Monthly plugin updates keep your site secure and our service desk dispatch ensures you always get a quick response to your requests

Uptime Protection

Data center redundancy, global data centers, fully managed CDN and layered security to keep your site up and running 99.99% of the time

Proprietary Caching

Caching that is built for WordPress to optimize your loading time.

Threat Detection & Blocking

Dynamically inspect traffic for threats and block them automatically and proactively block known WordPress attacks

Disaster Recovery

If something should go wrong, our team will get you back up and running

Multifactor Authentication & User Management

Multifactor Authentication (2FA) is enabled on your DNS, Hosting platform and WordPress. Manage user removal, additions, and permission changes

Form Testing

Monthly testing of all website forms to make sure your team is receiving submissions and the user isn’t experiencing any issues

Testing other website features

Keep an eye on other crucial website features like calendars, scheduling tools, and social feeds to keep them up and running

Monthly Reporting

Report of website analytics for your team to review for improvements, changes in traffic, and ot

Discover How IT Benefits You

The more layers the better.

There is no silver bullet to protecting your website. It takes multiple layers of security and best practices to ensure you are safe every single day. So bring on the layers!

Bring it all together.

Most businesses aren’t even sure where their website or their DNS is hosted and it is often by different companies. If your DNS is hacked or even the credit card just expires, it can take down your email and website. Let’s get all the pieces managed in one place so you don’t have to think about it.

Speed and security: an unlikely match.

Developing and maintaining your sites shouldn’t compromise your security. With our best practices of staging environments, user management and multifactor authentication, you’ll ensure your site is secure and can be updated quickly.

Keep it up to date.

Whether it’s the SSL certificate or the plugins or staff changes, your website needs to be regularly updated for security and reputation. Gone are the days of setting up your website and leaving it alone for 2 years. With our WordPress maintenance and support, you’ll be well taken care of.

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