Secure Web Filtering Protects More Than Just Your Business

Our secure web filtering gives you more protection against sophisticated cyber threats.

With cyber attacks and exploits evolving ever faster, you need internet filtering that provides serious protection. Our managed web filtering solution adds a solid layer of defense against the increasingly sophisticated cyber threats that have small businesses in their sights. 

Update your IT security standards and move up in the world with a multi-layered cyber security approach that includes a Managed Web Filtering Solution (MWFS) on top of your managed firewall and backup.

Together, these elements help make sure cyber threats remain nothing more than that – only a threat.


 Our Solution

Our cyber-threat busting Managed Web Filtering Solution (MWFS) provides another layer to our ultimate security weapon. This umbrella-like cloud-delivered security tool protects you and your business from cyber threats such as malware viruses, botnets, and email phishing schemes when you and your staff use PCs, laptops, tablets, or other endpoint devices.

Our proprietary MWFS is a relative newcomer to the IT service landscape, and we’re excited to be able to offer this enterprise-level security package to small and mid-sized businesses, who will benefit to a great degree – even protecting you with secure roaming on your mobile devices like Android and iPhones.



How IT Works

The Managed Web Filtering Solution agent transparently routes web traffic from Mac and Windows mobile devices to the nearest of 19 global datacenters and instantly applies security-filtering policies that we’ve assigned to it.

This protects you from malware and other cybersecurity threats that standard antivirus software misses. (It actually picks up 80 percent of what your mobile antivirus solution misses.)

It can even protect you when you’re connected to untrusted networks outside the confines of your secure office environment, such as public WI-FI hotspots.

Our Managed Web Filtering Solution complements your existing antivirus and firewalls as part of a totally integrated, managed cyber defense strategy.

Whether you need a secure web filtering solution, or a computer service technician who can prevent a malware virus, spyware, or other infection from your computer network, keeping your entire network free and clear of cyber exploits, we’ve got you covered.  Whatever your issue is or needs are, we have the right cybersecurity services for you and your organization.

Ready to elevate your internet security game to a higher level?


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