NIST Assessments

Does your technology need to comply with NIST Security Standards? We can help align your technology so you’re always compliant!

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) publishes a set of guidelines – including the 800 series – that outline the U.S. federal government computer security policies. Any company acting as a government contractor must prove full compliance. While these documents are available to the public, compliance with the requirements outlined depends on the comprehension of the exhaustive standards, as within the 800 series.

Domain recognizes that compliance is necessary and that these guidelines are complex and potentially challenging for organizations to navigate.


How IT Works

Domain offers the GHSA, which helps you:

  • Outline Business Best Practices
  • Forms the foundation of NIST-compliant business strategies
  • Review IT policies and procedures
  • Determine compliance gaps

Domain’s Assessment breaks down the process into easier-to-understand checklists for NIST compliance:

  • Network reviews
  • Policies and procedures reviews
  • Phishing attempts/review
  • Penetration Testing

Our Security Assessments include members of our Cybersecurity Team attempting to get an undercover technician into your server room without showing identification or indicating who they are, where they are from, or why they are on site, and – if successful – install a device to run further security tests.

Our Security Team generates a Proactive Plan of Attack that clients can understand where security needs to be strengthened while keeping NIST compliance the focus. Our Plan of Attack is customized and constructed in a way that makes sense for each client’s individualized needs, with a clear outline for what steps should be taken.

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