Our team is your team.

Our company works as an extension of your team, providing you with smarter solutions, while putting people first.

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Domain is your technology partner: giving you peace of mind and the tools your business needs to thrive. We provide premium technology solutions for small-to-medium-sized businesses across locations on the East Coast and the Midwest, including the greater New York Metro Area, Baltimore, DC, Michigan, Minnesota, and Boulder.

Our Team

Leverage our 100% in-house US-based team to make the most of the latest technologies and best practices for your industry. As a top performer in an industry-leading MSP peer group, you’ll have access to strong partner providers in the US and abroad. We also take your security and your clients’ security seriously so Domain is SOC 2 Type 2 certified.

But more than just being technologically capable, we make sure our team is selected and trained to provide an excellent experience for our clients. We know that solving a technical issue is helping the person behind the screen and getting business done — and that’s what makes our work satisfying.

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Our Values

Esprit de Corps.
We don’t just get along, we have each other’s backs. After all, we are in this together. We strive to create a workplace that inspires unity through commitment and collaboration. So when you partner with us, we honor your team, too. Your goals become our goals and we work alongside you to achieve them.
Get it done right.
We take pride in our work that it exceeds expectations. We have integrity in the strength of our services, and empower our team to ensure we give our clients the best experience possible. And when things do go wrong, we do everything within our power to not just make it right, but make it better than it was before.
Own your part.
We assume a ton of responsibility for our clients so every team member needs to own their part. That’s why we live by the numbers. Whether it’s CSAT, KPI, or ticket count, everybody’s got their number for which they are held responsible. We own IT so you don’t have to.
Love the details.
A single checkbox can make or break us. Delivering a truly remarkable customer experience requires everyone to pay attention to the details, from sales to service desk. You can rest assured that we sweat the small stuff because we know it can make or break your business, too.
Put people first.
Even though we’re a technology company, we know the work we do is for humans behind that technology so it’s important we don’t get wrapped up in the wires. We will walk a mile in your shoes to find out exactly what you need to use your technology.
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Want to join our team? See our available openings.

Want to join our team? See our available openings.

Apprentices Domain Technology Partners
With our nationally recognized workforce development apprenticeship, you’ll be supporting the efforts of local community colleges across the country to build technical and character skills while providing a path to full-time employment in IT.