Tier One Technology Partners’ HTC Membership Benefits Their Clients

Aug 7, 2013

Howard Tech Council (HTC) is a platform for technology firms in various industries in Howard County and Central Maryland to engage, collaborate, learn and lead. Tier One and other members with an affinity for IT solutions, participate in roundtable discussions each month to network, problem-solve, and exchange new innovative ideas that they can pass on to their clients in the form of increased value and enhanced service.

“It’s energizing! You get to talk to other people, learn some new ideas, take these ideas back to your workplace, and incorporate them into your service offering to benefit your clients.” — Jim Kehres, Vice President of Tier One Technology Partners

At Domain Technology Partners, our clients come first. And we take every opportunity possible to enrich our knowledge so we can enhance our client services. Our HTC membership is just one example of how we do this.

Tier One Technology Partners provides Outsourced Business IT Services that help companies, agencies and organizations achieve higher levels of success. Our Strategic Outsourced IT Services and Network IT Support offer the advantages of technology without the hassle of dealing with tedious management and maintenance. Tier One’s monitoring and maintenance of IT systems provides Stress-Free Network IT Support for businesses in the Baltimore, Maryland — Washington DC, Metro Areas.

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