24/7/365 Help Desk

Onsite or remote, our 24/7/365 Help Desk is ready to resolve any and all of your IT emergencies.

At Domain, Help Desk is so much more than a break-fix computer support call center.

We’ve all been on the receiving end of poor response and awful customer service. No one wants to wait for hours to get a response or have to explain their request multiple times. The key to a successful help desk with quick responses and resolutions actually has very little to do with the help desk and everything to do with the rest of the IT department. As an MSP that supports all of your technology, it’s in our best interest to prevent problems from reaching the help desk in the first place. End-users are happy when they receive a quick response and resolution but they are even happier when they don’t have a problem in the first place. We are consistently working to ensure your network is secure, efficient, and problem-free from your firewall to your computers and everything in between.

Our Help Desk is available to answer your team’s questions 24/7/365 via phone, email, or customer portal. Our dispatch team verifies the requests and assigns your tickets to our awesome team of service desk engineers. This includes everything from password resets to server outages. We also provide afterhours support for other service requests either for an additional monthly fee or on an hourly basis.

How IT Works


No Request Unheard

When you do submit a request, you are guaranteed that every request gets a ticket. Our dispatch triages every ticket to ensure the right engineer for the request is assigned as quickly as possible. In turn, our engineers are trained to document every step of the way. This ensures accountability and communication. Your ticket won’t be closed until the engineer receives confirmation from you that it has been resolved.

Collaboration Gets The Job Done

Unlike most help desks, our team is highly collaborative. We have worked hard to build teams that collaborate well which means you get faster resolutions. We also host daily stand ups so any lingering issues can be brought in front of the whole group to get a solution faster.

Trained To Serve You

However, the secret sauce is really in our customer service. We don’t just train our engineers on how to resolve technical issues. We focus on how our core values like empathy directly correlate with our service delivery, urging our engineers to consider what it is like to walk in their clients’ shoes. We always want them to be on your side of the table.

Don’t just take our word for it, we have the data to back it up. Because every request is entered as a ticket, we are able to track it. From the time it comes into the time it is closed, we are able to monitor how quickly tickets are resolved and if you are happy with the resolution. And once the ticket is closed, you’ll receive a customer satisfaction survey to let us know if something didn’t go according to plan. Our engineers are held to strict standards for these survey results.
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