Endpoint Security

Getting your network always ready for what’s next. Right now, cyber attackers can compromise your business technology systems within minutes of a cyber attack. Most organizations reduce risk by relying on next-generation endpoint solutions for continuous monitoring and automatic threat detection.

Whether your business is in crisis or trying to avoid one, you need a detection and response team that combines their expertise with industry-leading technology to fight for you.

In today’s cyber security world, detection and response happens on a micro level everyday. Our next-gen endpoint solutions are constantly fielding attacks for our clients without them ever knowing with continuous monitoring alerts, dramatically shortening response times. Our expert threat analysis team is constantly evaluating new tools and techniques to respond quickly and effectively to contain malicious threats from attacking your business. That’s because we focus on not just known threats, but the future unknown ones too. 

If you are experiencing an attack now and need someone to step in and save the day, we’re here for you. Our detection and response team keep a cool head in your time of crisis, providing the advice and clarity you need when the worst is happening. We know the protocols and procedures to ensure your insurance, your lawyers, and everyone else is taken care of. Our tool belt is fully equipped to handle it all.


How IT Works

Security Information and Event Management

Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) services provide a holistic view into your network, providing continuous situational awareness and allowing for the fast and effective mitigation of threats.

Damage Assessment

An evaluation of damage to your technology environment to understand what can be replaced or restored, and the time required for their execution.

Threat and Risk Assessment

A comprehensive review of your company’s current policies, procedures, networks, applications, websites, systems, configurations and facilities to give you a better understanding of where you stand.


The process of containing a breach so it doesn’t spread and cause further damage to your business. Once it is contained, the root cause of the breach is elimated by removing malware, patching systems, and applying updates.

Reference Articles

Domain Cyber Security

Cybercrime obstructs organizations worldwide. It’s no longer just your IT problem – it’s the biggest threat to your organization’s reputation, data, and business continuity.

SIEM Tools

Defending your organization by precisely pinpointing threats in real-time.

What Is Endpoint Security?

What is endpoint security? Find out how it protects you and some components of an endpoint.

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