Tier One Technlogy Partners is Your Business Partner, Not Just Another Service Provider

Jun 7, 2015

Baltimore Information Technology ProfessionalTier One Technology Partners will secure and monitor your network, maintain and optimize your equipment, allow you recover from disaster, help you migrate to cloud, and so on and so on.

But we don’t have to talk about that… in fact, we’d rather not.

Frankly, just about every IT company under the sun is able to provide those services. That what IT companies do. It’s nothing special, really.

Not to say those services aren’t valuable. To take care of those tasks in-house you’d have to bring in a couple low-level IT workers, which will run you an average salary of $50,000 each. Tier One Technology Partners can take the place of those low-level workers remotely at an affordable flat rate that works out to be half or less than the wages and benefits you’d have for pay for in-house IT support.

Where Do You See Yourself in 5-10 Years?

But what sets apart the IT companies that will keep you treading water and the ones that will really help you grow is if they have the ability to sit down with C-level execs and strategize for the future. You want an IT company that can take the place of a CIO (who take home an average salary of about $150,000) in addition to low-level workers.

We want to discuss how we can use technology to not just cut costs and increase productivity/revenue in the short-term, but also how we can use IT to help your business thrive for years.

That’s why we like to ask our clients: where do you see yourselves in a year? In 5 years? Even 10 years? We’ll sit down with you and break down your goals piece by piece and figure out what exactly has to happen for you to meet those goals.

We’ve been around for 15+ years, so we have the experience to know what steps need to be taken with your IT infrastructure now in order to sustain future growth. Our roots go back even further considering we’re a division of McLean, Koehler, Sparks & Hammond, a professional services firm that has providing businesses in the Beltway and beyond with expert banking, accounting, and legal advice since 1943.

That background in business and accounting gives us a skill set that’s rare to IT companies. When you work with Tier One Technology Partners you not only get access to IT experts, you get access to business experts as well.

David Shaffer
Tier One Technology Partners

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