Is Your Baltimore IT Services Company Providing You With All the Facts Around Cloud Computing?

Feb 11, 2015

The Cloud Is Now Simply Part Of Doing Business.  More And More Businesses In Maryland Are Moving Away From Traditional IT Systems In Favor Of Cloud Computing.  Has Your Business Made The Move?

Tier One Technology Partners Can Help.

The introduction of cloud services has been one of the biggest and most important developments in modern business technology, but many Baltimore, Washington, DC And Across Maryland IT services companies fail to help their clients understand the true value of cloud computing. Rather than simply storing your companies sensitive data on a computer or through paper files, the cloud allows universal online storage that can be accessed by all of your employees.

Ultimately, the cloud makes the exchange of information and collaboration on work projects much simpler and gives workers the ability to effortlessly share information with one another. Have you spoken with your Baltimore, Washington, DC And Across Maryland IT services company about the cloud? Here’s a few facts you should know:

  • Unbeatable Disaster Recovery

The cloud means you’ll be able to continue accessing important data, applications, and programs, even in the event of a disaster. Cloud providers are able to quickly track down and take care of any issues before they can cause downtime, meaning reduced risk of time and budget loss for your business.

  • Increased Employee Collaboration

The ultimate in efficiency is allowing your employees to access important information and applications from any device or location. The ability to work on documents simultaneously and regardless of location is the best way to increase employee collaboration and get more work done.

  • Enhanced Security

Have you ever had to worry about employees losing their smartphone or laptop because there’s a significant amount of confidential information stored on them? The cloud alleviates this worry with its centralized online storage and improves security to keep your information safe.

  • Minimized Cost

Typical cloud services are offered on a pay-as-you-go model, meaning you’ll be able to use the cloud and all of its benefits without capital expenditure and enjoy predictable operating expenses.

If your Baltimore, Washington, DC And Across Maryland IT services company hasn’t talked to you about all of the benefits offered through cloud computing, it’s time to find another Baltimore, Washington, DC And Across Maryland IT services company that truly wants to see your business succeed.

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