Business Continuity Planning

Proactive planning and business continuity strategies to keep your business functioning no matter what type of disaster hits.

Whether it’s ransomware or a pandemic, businesses are crippled every day because they simply aren’t prepared for what’s out there. Malware is increasing at alarming rates, and hackers are growing smarter and harder to detect each day. Spam, email scams, and even natural disasters could all lead to downtime if you’re not properly protected. 

More than 50% of businesses that suffer major downtime due to data breaches or IT issues end up crippled within a year of the incident. You can’t afford to lose your livelihood.

IT isn’t just about setting you up with computer services to help improve your workflow – it’s also about keeping your entire business safe as well as up and running. We know you’re storing a lot of data, whether it’s financial reports, employee information, or sensitive client records. Losing that information would be devastating, which is why we plan strategically and use business continuity plans to ensure you’re never crippled.

But you need more than just a good backup for true business continuity planning. As we’ve seen with the pandemic, it should involve your VPN and how quickly your team can get up and running at home. It should also include considerations like back up internet and power solutions at your office. And the entire conversation is now even more complex with employees relying upon personal internet connections and devices. We’ll walk through all of these considerations with you to make sure you know how you can improve your business uptime and survival.

How IT Works

  • With all of your data backed up and encrypted, you always have secure access to the documents, contacts, and applications you need to keep on working. That means hardware issues or a data breach won’t cripple you. You’ll keep working for your clients while we resolve any issues.
  • Domain ensures that everyone in your business knows how to react when a disaster strikes, guaranteeing that operations continue on smoothly and with minimal disruption to your work.
  • You have peace of mind knowing that everything is accounted for so that you can focus all of your attention on the business at hand.

Don’t leave your safety up to chance; no business is exempt from disasters. Let Domain prepare you to withstand absolutely anything with our business continuity planning. 

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