3 Shocking Facts other Baltimore IT Companies Won’t Share With You

Feb 2, 2015

When talking with IT support companies, you may feel like you know everything there is to know about what they offer and what your business needs. It’s likely, however, that you’re not always getting the whole story. Many greedy IT companies are comfortable simply telling you half-truths or leaving information out to benefit their own business: as long as you’re spending, they’re happy.

Tier One Technology Partners prides ourselves on looking out for the best interest of our clients – we’re not thriving unless you are.

Below are 3 shocking facts that other Baltimore, Washington, DC And Across Maryland IT companies might not share with you when seeking out your business:

  • New Technology Isn’t Always The Best Technology

Besides the best interest of your business, there’s a big reason why many IT companies will almost always tell you about the new technology you “need” to have – it’s expensive. Because of this, many IT companies will try to get you to upgrade whenever possible. You need to be sure you can trust the company you’re working with, because the newest technology isn’t always necessary or the best fit for your business.

  • The Cloud is Great… But it’s Not For Everyone

You’ve likely heard of the cloud as it’s among the fastest growing services in the modern world of information technology. Many IT companies will tell you about it as soon as they begin a dialogue with your business. However, if they’re pushing you to the cloud without ever really telling you how it fits with your business plan, they’re probably thinking less about your needs and more about their own income. You should be sure that the cloud services match up with your security and compliance requirements before deciding its right for you.

  • Even a Proactive Approach Can’t Catch Everything

The world of information technology is changing every day – new threats emerge more harmful and sophisticated all the time. Being proactive and having your systems constantly monitored is the best defense against breaches or data loss, but it’s impossible to stay 100% ahead of the game all the time. Your IT support company needs to be realistic and let you know about the constantly evolving threats to your system, and that it’s impossible to prevent every disaster or disruption.

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